1994 eruption of Mt Ryne
VEI 9 mega eruption (USGS)
Volcanic eruption 25

Mt Ryne blows its top!!
Volcano Mt Ryne
Date September 2, 1994
Time 1200 EST
Eruption type Super-volcanic
Location Miami, FL
Fatalities 429,672 deaths, 854,219 injuries
Damages $129 billion (1994 USD)
Other impacts Severe climatic changes caused by ash blocking sunlight, causing famines

The 1994 eruption of Mt Ryne was a catastrophic eruption caused by the Usercano, Mt Ryne (CycloneRyne94's volcano). It began on September 2nd, 1994, and is an ongoing event, which frequently produces extremely violent eruptions. It is classified as one of only 4 mega-volcanoes known to man. Severe pyroclasts wiped out areas of Miami that were extensively damaged by Hurricane Andrew two years previously. So far, 429,672 deaths, 854,219 injuries and $129 billion in damages have taken place. However, the eruption appears to be getting even more violent, with no signs of letting up being shown byt he volcano at present.

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