2016 eruption of Campi Flegrei
VEI 7 super eruption (USGS)
Volcano (47)

The super-eruption of Campi Flegrei
Volcano Campi Flegrei
Date October 17, 2016
Time 1610 UTC
Eruption type Ultra-Plinian
Location Pizzouli, Italy
Fatalities 122,000 dead, 1.42 million injured
Damages $205 billion (2016 USD)
Other impacts Caldera collapse, famine, numerous pyroclastic flows, tsunamis

The 2016 eruption of Campi Flegrei was a devastating supervolcanic eruption that devastated the areas of Naples and Pozzuoli, leading to the deaths of 122,000 people, injuring 1.42 million others, and causing $205 billion in damages as the city of Naples collapsed into the caldera during the violent eruption. In total, the eruption saw 437 km cubed of materials erupted from the volcano, ranking it the largest in 3,000 years.

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