2016 eruption of Mt Fujiyama
VEI 6 eruption (USGS)
Fujisan March 2016

Mt Fuji in March 2016, clearly showing an ejection of steam from the caldera summit
Volcano Mt Fujiyama
Date March 16, 2016 (hydrothermal only at present)
Time Unknown
Eruption type Plinian
Location Japan
Fatalities None yet
Damages None yet (2016 USD)
Other impacts major lahars, pyroclastic surges, major earthquakes, landslides, nuees ardentes, tsunami

The 2016 eruption of Mt Fujiyama is a current event that is concerning the scientists at the JMA. Currently on a Level 1 Alert, this volcano is on the listings for potential imminent volcanic activity within the next few months. Ejections of volcanic steam and other gases have been seen coming from the summit caldera, a key sign that the eruption wasn't far away. In addition, a violent earthquake swarm shook less than 50km away from April 13-16, further raising awareness, especially after the nearby Mt Asama blew its top violently as a result of these earthquakes. The eruption has the potential to be a VEI 6, the same rating as the eruption from 1703-07, which was responsible for lahars, major earthquake tremors, landslides, pyroclastic surges, and thousands of deaths and injuries. When this eruption does occur, millions of people are at risk from it, and so new hazard maps have been drawn up, and the volcano is under very close surveillance by volcanologists in the country as a result.

The event

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