2018 Eruption of Mount St Helens
[[Image:{{{image location}}}|235px|center|Mount St Helens erupting]]
Mount St Helens erupting
Volcano Mount St Helens
Date July 2, 2018
Time 10:30 AM
Eruption type VEI 6
Location Mount St Helens, Washington, USA
Fatalities 1,225,769
Damages $100.25 Trillion Dollars
Other impacts Some plant and animal species wiped out
The 2018 Eruption of Mount St Helens was a VEI 6 eruption that occurred on July 2, 2018.


On January 1, 2016 a magnitude 4.5 earthquake triggered a small ash cloud that was seen from Seattle issuing Mandatory evacuations for a 35 mile radius. However, seismic activity calmed afterward, for people to return. For the next 30 days no activity occurred, but a magnitude 4.9 earthquake caused swelling of Mount St Helens and caused a ash cloud to lightly coat the volcano and Spirit Lake forcing fishers to leave the area.


Pre-major eruption

As June 1 progressed, seismographs indicated a rise in the volcanoes magma causing government officals to extend the evacuation radius to 55 miles. On June 2 a 5.1 earthquake caused ash coat the volcano and Spirit Lake. Eruption At 8:00 AM seismographs showed magma rising at a rate of 1,000 feet per minute. At 9:00 AM massive shaking occurred followed by a landslide and a 2,000 foot mega tsunami at Spirit Lake. Then at 10:30 AM a massive chunk of ash lava and magma exploded out of the volcano, beginning the massive eruption. Ash rained on Washington killing over 1,000 people. The ash cloud reached Salt Lake City by 12:00 PM, where people thought it was already night time. Saint Helens ash killed 1,500 plants 1,000 animals and 1,555 humans. By 1 PM CST the ash cloud obscured Tulsa, and reached Memphis by 2 PM, and reached Nashville by 2:30 PM. Two hours later it reached New York City. Ash was reported as far away as Mexico City and New York City, NY. Ash was ejected into the atmosphere circling the globe and causing cooling effects. Aftermath The eruption caused a global cooling worldwide. Temperatures fell nearly 30 degrees in some spots. Snow was reported in Los Angeles with some 12 inches of snow in Hollywood Hills. And snow was reported in Africa. Massive cleanup projects were issued. Most of the ash covered of the U.S. and Mexico which took 2 months. Meanwhile St Helens erupted plumes until July 20, when the activity stopped. Gallery


Ash on Charlotte Ave in Nashville


Ash on Interstate in Seattle

Mount Pinatubo - Blast Cloud

Ash Cloud seen from Boise

Ash - New

Ash from St Helens in Memphis

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