2020 Eruption of Mount Vesuvius (FrigidusMedicane)
VEI 9 eruption (USGS)

Mount Vesuvius Erupting at the peak of his violence.
Volcano Mount Vesuvius
Date 23 August 2020
Time 5:00am
Eruption type Ultra Plinian
Location Long Island New York
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In late August 2020, Mount Vesuvius erupted for the first time since 1944. The eruption was the first to be classified as VEI 9 becoming the strongest eruption ever, causing catastrophic destruction. The Eruption premonitor signals were noticed in the early pars of the year, with the first earthquakes heard back in January.  

The Eruption was catastrophic and a massive swath of destruction totally devastating Naples and the nearby areas  [Work in Progress]

Mount Vesuvius Before The Eruption

Mount Vesuvius erupted last time in 1944, since then the volcano remained dormant. The volcano is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes worldwide because near the volcano there are big cities [Work In Progress]

Early Phase of the Eruption

A Swarm of earthquakes was detected on January 24 with Epicenter Mount Vesuvius. This was a clear sign that the volcano was active and activity could resume anytime soon. Seismic activity intensified in the following months, that was a clear sign that the volcano was going to erupt soon. Alert levels were raised in March as earthquakes get more frequent and violent and it was clear that a major eruption was imminent. Mass Evacuations Started in May due to public fear and in July a full evacuation was ordered by the local authorities. Earthquakes continued to increase in violence in the same month, evacuations were ordered even in areas where it was thought it was safe from the eruption. Several Explosions were heard in the following days as a Violent magnitude 8 earthquake was recorded causing massive damages to the urban areas. Over [N/A] Deaths were confirmed. a Minor Flank eruption occurred on August 9. Other Minor flank eruptions happened in the following weeks. it was clear that the volcano was about to erupt.


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The Volcano After The Eruption

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