2020 eruption of Mt Meager
VEI 6 eruption
Volcano 57

The volcano erupts
Volcano Mount Meager
Date August 14, 2020
Time 0545 PDT
Eruption type Plinian
Location British Colombia, Canada
Fatalities 112
Damages $14 billion
Other impacts Local cooling, destruction of National Park, disruption of traffic

The eruption began on August 14 at 0545 PDT, and lasted for 32 days, causing the already unstable caldera to collapse in an enormous pyroclastic flow and lahar formation, killing 112 people as abrsult. It was one of the worst known Canadian volcanic eruption in recorded history in terms of human impacts, and one of the most powerful in recent history, having revived a VEI rating of 6 once the analysis of the event was completed.

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