2023 Mount Nifera Eruption
VEI 6 eruption (USGS)

Moments Before the Eruption Hit. Taken in the Japanese Themed Town of Karashina. (4/1/2023)
Volcano Mt Nifera
Date April 1, 2023
Time 2:39PM EST
Eruption type Plinian/Strombolian
Location California, USA
Fatalities 15
Damages $73 Million (2016 USD)
Other impacts Unknown

The 2023 Mount Nifera Volcanic Eruption was a surprise eruption that occurred on April Fools Day. This didn't cause much. It is unknown if it is currently a Strombolian or a Plinian Eruption. However, ash did rain throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and parts of Mexico.

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