2024 Mount Doom Eruption
VEI 10 eruption
Lava 23

The volcano's lava after cooling down from being white-hot.
Volcano Mt Doom
Date September 13, 2024
Time 0153 GMT
Eruption type Ultra Plinian
Location Montana, USA
Fatalities 119 million
Damages $1.2 trillion (2024 USD)
Other impacts Pyroclastic flows of over 11,000°F

The eruption was triggered when massive amounts of compressed white lava from the core of the Earth piled into a underground volcano. This eruption was a VEI 10, and an Ultra Plinian erupting a staggering 61 miles into the sky. Lava of over 11,000°F spewed out scorching the landscape and destroying anything and everything in its path. As many as 119 million people have died from this super eruption, the death toll is far from over however as the volcano's eruption lasted a month. The volcano also triggered Magnitude 9.7 earthquakes in the immediate area. These earthquakes would last 11 days. After it was all said and done, the underground volcano collapsed on itself creating a huge crater where it erupted at. This eruption cooled the whole world's average temperature by 16°F, bringing it down to 43°F.