2027 eruption of Mount Marapi
VEI 2 eruption (USGS)
Lava flow 2

Lava flow at 8:37 PM Indonesia Western Time on February 22.
Volcano Mount Marapi
Date February 21-23, 2027
Time 1655 UTC
Eruption type Sub-Plinian
Location Padang Panjang, West Sumatra
Fatalities 5
Damages ~$15 million USD
Other impacts

In the late evening of February 21, 2027, Mount Marapi, a compound volcano located near the city of Padang Panjang erupted, causing considerable damage to the town and causing five fatalities and approximately $15 million USD in damages. The eruption was relatively minor, producing mainly slow-moving lava flows with few blocks or bombs and relatively light ash fall; most of the damage resulted from landslides and, to a lesser extent, two small lava flows.

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