2029 Mount St Helens Eruption
VEI3 eruption

The Eruption as it occurred on the Early-Evening of December 1st, 2029
Volcano Mount St. Helens
Date December 1st, 2029
Time 6:25 PM PDT
Eruption type Strombolian
Location Skamania County, Washington
Fatalities 2
Damages $1 million (2015 USD)
Other impacts Many plants and cattle were affected or killed by this eruption

The 2029 Mount St Helens Eruption was a Moderate Eruption on Mount St Helens in Washington State.


Mount St Helens had gone without a Significant Eruption for about 20+ Years, with the last Eruption being a Lava-Dome Eruption that went on from 2004 to Late-2008/Early-2009.

But indications, which started about June 2025, suggested Mount St Helens may be approaching another Eruption, and perhaps within a few years.

The Event

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