2029 eruption of Mt Vesuvius
VEI 5 eruption
Vesuvius eruption 2029

Veuvius beginning its eruption
Volcano Mt Vesuvius
Date July 17, 2029
Time 1737 UTC
Eruption type Plinian
Location Naples, Italy
Fatalities 17
Damages $255 million
Other impacts 4 pyroclastic surges, and lahars, which hit the areas surrounding the volcano

The 2029 eruption of Mt Vesuvius was a very explosive, and therefore very deadly and damaging eruption. The volcano first blew its top on July 17th, at 1737 UTC, in a Plinian type eruption, sending numerous pyroclastic flows and lahars down its slopes, which caused $255 million in damages, and led to 17 fatalities within Naples, less than 10km from the volcano. The eruption finally finished on August 1st, having buried surrounding areas under 4 meters of ash in some locations.

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