2034 Eruption of Crater Lake (Mt Mazama)
Dome Building
Wizard island

The Final Stages of the Eruption
Volcano Mt. Mazama
Date March 20th
Time 4:13 AM
Eruption type Dome Building, Pyroclastic
Location Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
Fatalities 23 Deaths
Damages National Park Destroyed
Other impacts Tourism gone at Crater Lake, Forest Fires due to heat.

In 2034 Mt Mazama in Oregon erupted again after a long dormancy. It awakened with Earthquake Tremors in December of 2033 and in March it launched a VEI Class 4 eruption that destroyed the Crater Lake National Park and built up Wizard Island into a sizable cone. The Eruption was large enough to cool global temperatures slightly. The explosion could be heard as far East as Salt Lake City and the cloud could be seen from Portland. It became the largest tragedy in Oregon's History and a painful moment for the US government. The eruption could have killed a lot fewer people however it wasn't the case.


Part of the Eruption

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