2039 eruption of Mt Amukta
VEI 3 eruption (USGS)
Volcano (41)

Mt Amukta during one of its gentle Strombolian eruptions
Volcano Mt Amukta
Date November 9, 2047
Time 0545 AST
Eruption type Strombolian
Location Alaska, USA
Fatalities 1 death, 3 injuries
Damages $433,000 (2139 USD)
Other impacts None

The 2039 eruption of Mt Amukta was a moderate VEI 3 eruption that began on July 4th and continued until July 19th. 1 person died, and 3 more people were injured when an unexpected explosion took place during July 12th with little warning. Apart from this, the impacts of this eruption were very minimal, limited to the $433,000 in damage sreporte dfollwing the eruption.

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