2044 eruption of Mt Dutten
VEI 5 eruption (USGS)
Volcano (46)

Mt Dutten undergoing a Strombolian eruption
Volcano Mt Dutten
Date July 14, 2103
Time 0810 AST
Eruption type Strombolian
Location Alaska, USA
Fatalities 2 deaths, 14 injuries
Damages $26 million (2103 USD)
Other impacts

The 2044 eruption of Mt Dutten was violent VEI 5 Strombolian eruption, which began on July 14th, 2044, and ran until October 3rd. During this time, the volcano grew by 103 meters, as vast quantities of lava were ejected from the vent during the eruption. 15 people died as a result of the eruption, with 201 others being injured as a result of a runaway lava flow that crossed a busy road during rush hour gridlocks. This continued for the next few months, before the supply of magma directly into the chamber came to its end, and the volcano fell back inot dormancy as a result.