2047 eruption of Mt Abu
VEI 8 super eruption (USGS)
Volcano (44)

Mt Abu erupting during the night, during a calmer phase of the eruption
Volcano Mt Abu
Date November 9, 2047
Time 1543 JST
Eruption type Super-volcanic
Location Japan
Fatalities 4129 deaths, 21500 injuries
Damages $404 billion (2145 USD)
Other impacts Severe climatic changes caused by ash blocking sunlight, causing famines

The 2047 eruption of Mt Abu was a horrifyingly violent eruption, which peaked as a very high end VEI 8 super-eruption. It began on November 9th, and ran until March 17th the following year, killing 4129 people, injuring 21500 more. Damages totaled up to $404 billion during and after the eruption. In addition, the amount of ash and other debris released by the eruption led to an extreme cooling of the global atmospheric temperatures, up to 3*C in some places, which led to 15% of life on earth being wiped out by the eruption as a result.

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