2057 eruption of the Amak Volcano
VEI 6 eruption (USGS)
Volcano (44)

Amak erupting on November 5th
Volcano Amak
Date November 3, 2057
Time 1556 AST
Eruption type Sub-Plinian
Location Alaska, USA
Damages $97 million (2057 USD)
Other impacts

The 2057 eruption of the Amak Volcano was the first eruption from this volcano since 1796, which did little but increase the violence of the eruption. Lava bombs were thrown for hundreds of meters, and the volcano practically collapsed into the sea, setting off a 105 meter tsunami as a result, which swept across the Pacific, killing 309 people, injuring 755 more, and causing $97 million in damages in the process. The eruption began on November 3rd, and had finished by December 8th, with very little impact on a local scale.