2066 eruption of the Ibusuki volcanic field
VEI 5 eruption (USGS)
Volcanic eruption 22

An eruption on July 4th
Volcano Ibusuki volcanic field
Date May 7, 2066
Time 0943 UTC
Eruption type Fissure, Hawaiian
Location Japan
Fatalities 3749 killed, 197 injured
Damages $355 million (2077 USD)
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The 2066 eruption of the Ibusuki volcanic field was a violent eruption, and the first in centuries in the area, which caused an incredibly violent eruption as a result. 3749 were killed, 197 injured, and $355 million in damages as a result. An earthquake of 7.9 in the area also caused a tsunami offshore, which was directly related to the eruption.

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