2077 eruption of Hayes Volcano
VEI 6 eruption (USGS)
Volcano (7)

Hayes undergoing the beginning of its eruption
Volcano Mt Vesuvius
Date July 29, 2077
Time 0305 UTC
Eruption type Plinian
Location Italy
Fatalities 43 deaths, 104 injuries
Damages $350 million (2077 USD)
Other impacts Pyroclastic surges during the most violent stage of the eruption

The 2077 eruption of Hayes Volcano was a violent VEI 6 Plinian type eruption. It began on July 29th, and ran until August 8th, drenching the vicinity with ash and pyroclastic deposits. In addition, global temperatures were observed to have dropped by 0.5*C following the eruption. 43 people died, and 104 others were injured during the eruption. Damages once evaluatinos were completed totaled $350 million, one of the worst for the area.