2077 eruption of Mt Agung
VEI 6 eruption (USGS)
Volcanic eruption 31

The volcano during its latter stages of eruption
Volcano Mt Agung
Date February 19, 2077
Time 2054 Java Time
Eruption type Plinian
Location Java, Indonesia
Fatalities 12,217
Damages $39 billion (2077 USD)
Other impacts Pyroclastic flows and lahars destroyed 90% of the areas around the volcano

The 2077 eruption of Mt Agung was a highly explosive eruption, which was later rated as a VEI 6 Plinian eruption by the USGS. The eruption led to 12,217 fatalities, and an estimated $39 billion in damages, making it one of the worst volcanic eruptions in the area's history as a result of this.

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