2095 eruption of Mt Lanin
VEI 7 super eruption (USGS)
Volcanic eruption 28

Lanin undergoing an Ultra-Plinian eruption on November 16th
Volcano Lanin Volcano
Date October 29th, 2095
Time 1556 UTC
Eruption type Ultra-Plinian, Super-volcanic
Location Argentina
Fatalities 155 deaths, 289 injuries
Damages $26 million (2103 USD)
Other impacts global temperatures cooled by 1.6*C folling the eruption, and widespred lahar and landlide damages occurred

The 2095 eruption of Mt Lanin was an extremely violent VEI 7 rated ULtra-Plininan type eruption that began on on October 29th, 2095, and lasted until February 2nd the following year. It was responsible for a global cooling of atmospheric conditions by at least 1.6*C following the eruption, and several landslides and lahars also caused widespread devestation in the vicinity surrounding the volcano. 155 deaths, 289 injuries and $235 million occurred in damages following this highly explosive eruption, which was the first from the volcano since its last eruption 10,000 years previously.

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