2102 eruption of May-ya-moto
VEI 7 super eruption (USGS)
Voolcanic eruption 33

The super eruption of May-ya-moto
Volcano May-Ya-Moto
Date August 9, 2102
Time 0243 UTC
Eruption type Plinian, Super-volcanic
Location Java, Indionesia
Fatalities 8644 deaths, 12,000 injuries
Damages $200 million (2102 USD)
Other impacts Several lahars, and a temporary, short lived famine

The 2102 eruption of May-ya-moto was an incredibly violent eruption, and the first documented on the volcano since 1 AD. Tis eruption was Ultra-Plinian in origin, and was later classified as a VEI 7 eruption, the first since Krakatoa's eruption in 1883. Beginning on August 9th, the eruption was responsible for 8644 deaths, over 12,000 injuries. The total damages from the eruption reached $200 million after the repairs from the eruption were complete.

On August 9th, the volcano suddenly burst into life, throwing shattered lava fragments, lava bombs, ash and water from the crater hundreds of meters into the air, which mixed with the mud on the mountains slope to create a deadly lahar, which buried people, and swept away buildings as it passed through the highly populated areas close to the volcano. As the eruption finally began to calm down on August 14th, lava began to flow from the summit, and by the 20th, all that remained was a sustained ash eruption, until the volcano fell back into dormancy 3 days later.

In the aftermath of the eruption, nearly 750,000 people were left homeless, and nearly double that were left without a job, as much of the area was farmland, which was destroyed by the eruption, leading to a short lived famine in the area, until aid finally reached the areas affected 3 weeks after the eruption ended. In addition, most of the remaining population had to receive vaccinations for dirty water related diseases. However, the situation was brought under hand before it got completely out of control, preventing a major disaster from occurring as a result of the eruption.

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