2103 eruption of Buzzard Creek
VEI 4 eruption (USGS)
Volcano (45)

Buzzard Creek during its Strobolian eruption on July 29th
Volcano Buzzard Creek
Date July 14, 2103
Time 0410 AST
Eruption type Strombolian
Location Alaska, USA
Fatalities 2 deaths, 14 injuries
Damages $26 million (2103 USD)
Other impacts

The 2103 eruption of Buzzard Creek was a VEI 4 rated Strombolian eruption that occurred on the Aleutian Islands of Alaska during the Summer of 2103. It began on July 29th, and gradually increased in violence. Once the eruption had reached its peak violence, it quickly dropped off in intensity, and the eruption came to an end on August 17th, after 2 people were killed, 14 others injured, and $26 million was done in damages following the burning up of an oil ship in Prince William Sound as it was passing the volcano during its eruption.

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