2132 Mount Fujiyama eruption
VEI 4 eruption (JMA)
Voolcanic eruption 33

Fujiyama erupts during a typhoon
Volcano Mt Fujiyama
Date September 3, 2132
Time 0335 JST
Eruption type Strombolian
Location Honshu Island, Japan
Fatalities 12
Damages ¥3.01 billion (2127 ¥)
Other impacts Lahars drowned 7 people, and a landslide

The 2132 eruption of Mount Fujiyama was a smaller eruption that occurred 5 years after the devastating VEI 6 eruption IN 2127. Tough not as powerful, it was still a deadly event, mainly due to the eruption taking place during Typhoon Tipper, which had hit the area as a category 3 about an hour before the eruption.

Due to the heavy rains and gusty winds from the typhoon, a series of lahars, and a landslide, rushed down the mountain, over swamping the nearby town of Kofuji, killing 12 people there as a result of the combined effects. The eruption was relatively minor compared to most of the eruptions from the volcano, with a steady stream of lava from the crater, but no lava bombs. An ash c,loud several kilometres high was visible over the area, which resulted in the rain becoming ashy in appearance as a result of the typhoon.

17 hours later, Mount Fujiyama fell silent, and wouldn't erupt again until 2052, choosing instead to roll into a period of dormancy. Throughout the eruption, ¥3.01 billion in damages, though most of it is considered to have been caused by the effects of the typhoon itself, rather than the eruption.


A selection of photos from the eruption...

Volcanic eruption 22

A close up of the Mount Fujiyama eruption

MtShasta aerial

Mount Fujiyama before the eruption

Volcanic ash cloud big

The ash cloud from Kofuji


Hard driving, from the effects of Typhoon Tipper and the eruption of Mount Fujiyama

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