2137 eruption of the Kikai Caldera
VEI 8 super eruption (USGS)
Kikai caldera

The location of the Kikai Caldera
Volcano Kikai Caldera
Date June 17, 2137
Time 0526 JST
Eruption type Ultra-Plinian
Location Japan
Fatalities 5,365 died, 14,224 were injured
Damages $235 billion (2577 USD)
Other impacts major lahars, pyroclastic surges, global cooling, and famines

The 2137 eruption of the Kikai Caldera was a violent VEI 8 rated Ultra-Plinian rated eruption. Occurring underwater, it lead to extreme lahars, and part of the mountain collapsed into a huge pyroclastic surge, which wiped nearby areas off the map, as well as causing a 20 meter tsunami. 5,365 died, 14,224 were injured, and damages exceeded $35 billion in the area. In addition, the atmosphere was cooled by 3.3*C, which caused severe famines around the world, which lasted for 17 years before the atmosphere reheated. 40% of life was wiped out as a result of this eruption, which was the worst recorded in the history of man, as well as the only documented supervolcanic eruption on record.