2146 Mount Saint Helen's eruption
VEI9 eruption

Mount St Helen's during the middle of eruption
Volcano Mt Saint Helens
Date July 14, 2146
Time 1842 UTC
Eruption type Super eruption
Location State of Washington, United States; State of Oregon, United States; State of Idaho, United States; State of Montana, United States; Western North Dakota, United States; Northwestern South Dakota, United States; Southern and Central British Columbia, Canada; Southern and Central Alberta, Canada
Fatalities 546 dead; 1,426 injured and 562 missing
Damages $9.8 Trillion (2146 USD)
Other impacts Earthquake, Tornado outbreak, Ashfall, Severe wind event, Tsunami, Landslide
the 2146 Mount Saint Helen's eruption was a destructive eruption that caused extreme damage and devastation across much of the Northern US and Southwestern Canada...this is a wip...