2190 eruption of Mt Adams
VEI 7 super eruption (USGS)
Volcano (46)

The super eruption of Mount Adams
Volcano Mt Adams
Date February 18, 2190
Time 1345 PDT
Eruption type Ultra-Plinian
Location Washington State, USA
Fatalities 12 dead, 176 injured
Damages $34 billion (2190 USD)
Other impacts Lahar, pyroclastic surges, landslide when part of the caldera collapsed

The 2190 eruption of Mt Adams was a highly destructive, very unexpectedly violent eruption that began at 1345 PDT on February 18, 2190. It was later ranked as a VEI 7 eruption, and was responsible for extreme ash falls on the surrounding areas around the volcano. In addition, a landslide occurred from a particularly violent explosion on March 7, which caused the volcano to collapse into a caldera. 12 people died, and 176 more were injured, whilst damages from the eruption totaled $34 billion once totaled up. The volcano fell silent on May 13th, falling back into a new period of presumed dormancy once again.

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