2195 eruption of the Emuruangogolak volcano
VEI 7 super eruption (USGS)
Volcano (41)

The eruption of Emuruangogolak
Volcano Emuruangogolak
Date June 5th, 2195
Time 1232 UTC
Eruption type Strombolian
Location Kenya
Fatalities 137 dead, thousands more injured
Damages $105 million (2195 USD)
Other impacts a famine was caused by the destruction of large areas of farmland

The 2195 eruption of the Emuruangogolak volcano was a moderate eruption that was later rated as a VEI 4 Strombolian eruption. It began on June 5th, and ran until it ended on June 27th, claiming 137 lives, and injuring thousands more in the mean time.

When the eruption began, a cloud of ash was thrown 32 km into the atmosphere, and lava immediately began to flow from the volcano's crater in rivers, flowing quickly for a lava flow into nearby towns, causing more than $100 million in damages, mostly to farmland, as they were choked by ash and buried by the lava flows during the eruption

In the aftermath of the eruption, as many as 405,000 people were mad homeless, and 625,000 were left without a job, as the local population relied on farming to make their livings. The shortage of food therefore led to a famine, until aid reached the area 2 weeks later, ending the famine, and giving out food and water supplies to the stricken population, along with vaccinations for the area, as many people were suffering from dirty water related diseases. Aid was quickly given, and as a result, the death toll was kept relatively low, at 137 dead, remarkable considering the lack of warning prior to the eruption

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