3964 super-eruption of Yellowstone
VEI 8 super eruption (USGS)

Yellowstone blows up
Volcano Yellowstone Caldera
Date July 12, 2841
Time 0915 UTC
Eruption type Super-volcanic
Location Yellowstone, USA
Fatalities 335,057 deaths, 1.04 million injuries
Damages $17 trillion (3964 USD)
Other impacts 48% of life on earth was wiped out when global temperatures dropped after the eruption

The 3964 super-eruption of Yellowstone was a VEI 8 super-volcanic eruption, which caused the deaths of 335.057 people, 1.04 million injuries, and $17 trillion in damages. The super-eruption began on July 12th, and ran on until it ended on December 14th, dropping global temperatures by 8*C, and resulting in 48% of life on earth being wiped out as a result.

When the ground in Yellowstone National Park was blown apart, lava of a Rhyolithic type exploded from the ground, causing severe acid burns to those spectating in the park at the time the volcano exploded to the surface, killing 12,506 people looking on. The rest of the deaths took place over the next 22 years, due to the ash, and the famines caused by global temperatures dropping due to the eruption. 1.04 million people were injured following the event, either from falling lava bombs, or by the landslides from the volcano during the eruption.

in the aftermath, it was found that the Yellowstone super-volcano had collapsed into a huge 45 sq km caldera, and the incredible violence of the eruption was very clear to see. this eruption is therefore the best documented case of a super-volcanic eruption, and 12 billion people globally saw it televised live as rthe event unfolded in into its dramatic super-eruptive phase.

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