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4167 Yellowstone eruption
VEI 8 super-eruption (USGS)
Ash from the eruption covers a road in Miami, Florida

Ash from the eruption covers a road in Miami, Florida
Volcano Yellowstone super-volcano
Date January 5, 4167
Time 18:10 CDT
Eruption type Ultra-Plinian, Super-volcanic
Location Wyoming, United States
Fatalities 41212
Damages $124 trillion (4167 USD)
Other impacts thousands of plant and animal species wiped out

The 4167 Yellowstone eruption was the worst one from the Yellowstone Caldera in recorded history. During the eruption, something never noted before occurred in the form of frequent earthquakes, which then followed by mysterious "lava fountains" - lava that risese out of the volcanic crater like the water in a water fountain would do so.

In fact, so severe was the eruption that one foot of ash was reported in Quebec, in Canada. The caldera collapsed in the eruption, and millions of trees were burnt down by the lava. Sunlight was blocked out over North America for 3 months as a result of the eruption, adding to the panic and hysteria caused by the suddenness of the explosion - 17000 people in Yellowstone National Park were killed, either by asphyxiation, burning alive, or both.

In fact, so sudden was the eruption that no one was able to be evacuated from the Park, becoming the first recorded case of serious deaths at the Yellowstone Park due to a volcanic event.