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8567 Krakatoa super-volcanic eruption
VEI 7 super eruption (MMD)
The super eruption of Mount Krakatoa

The super eruption of Mount Krakatoa
Volcano Mt Krakatoa
Date September 9, 8567
Time 0905 JST
Eruption type Plinian, Super-volcanic
Location Java, Indionesia
Fatalities 31,204,767 as a direct result, but 177,384,093 more from famine
Damages $789.01 trillion (8567 USD)
Other impacts heavy ash falls led to a famine across the world

The 8567 Krakatoa super-volcanic eruption was the worst super eruption ever recorded in the area. Worse than the 1883 eruption, this time, the sound was heard from the UK, 8000 kilometers away from the main vent, where it sounded like faint gunfire.

another tsunami was recorded on this occasion, 162 meters high, which traveled 3 times around the globe before settling down again about a week after the main eruption. The ash cloud travelled around the world 117 times over the next 3 months, in which millions of people were killed by the volcano's effects.

In Java, a tsunami 167 meters high washed ashore at a recorded speed of 1467 km/h (911 mph), literally wiping millions of people off the face of the Earth in the process.

Afetr 37 days of violent super volcanic eruptions, Krakatoa finally dropped back into dormancy, having wiped out a total of 208,588,860 people in the process


The tsunami comes ashore in Java, Indionesia

Tsunami recovery in Australia sees cars mangled, and people trapped

Krakatoa blows proper!!!