Indiana Volcano Chain


Indiana, USA

Age Of Rock

Would be about 100 Years

Biggest Known Eruption

VEI5, June 30th 2145

Width of Largest Volcano

7.5 Square Miles.


3,118 Feet

Common Eruption Type


This is a Fictional Volcano


The Indiana Volcano chain was created by a change in Tectonic Movement and a rather random distribution of Magma to the North American State of Indiana that started by the year 2025.

This Geologic Events eventually lead to the Semi-Quick fomation of what became the Indiana Volcano Chain, which would consist of 6 Volcanoes, Three in downtown Indianapolis, One in Lafayette, one in Evansville and one along the Northern Border of Indiana and Ohio.

Soon after, this Volcano Chain would ultimately be responsible for the 2145 Indianapolis Volcanic Apocalypse.