Mount Troublesome
Volcano (38)

Mount troublesome, United Kingdom
Elevation 2854 meters
Prominence 2714 meters
Listing Munroe
Location Scottish Highlands
coordinates 57°38'12.83N 5°08'47.45W
Age of rock 345,500 years
Last eruption 56,535,910

Mount Troublesome, so named because of its unpredictable eruptions coming from out of the blue and wreaking havoc, is an active volcano in the Scottish Highlands of the United Kingdom.


It has had a very active life, with its first eruption being from a fissure in the year 56,190,410. Since then, it has been in a spasmodic eruptive phase, generally with a pattern of 160 years of activity, followed by 40 years of dormancy. It is generally feared when Mount Troublesome falls silent at the end of an active phase, because the first eruption of the new active phase is usually moderate to violent.

Volcanic eruption 23

A lava lake inside the volcanic vent during an eruption in 56,509,210


Mount Troublesome's most violent eruption was in the year 56,509,210, when the volcano bilt new rock over a nearby town after breaching the lava diversions about 17 miles away from the town. During that eruption, 177 people in the town were killed by the lava, and those not killed then were killed a few days later when a lahar from a deep Atlantic low moved over, dumping 455 mm of rainfall on the still unset new volcanic deposits in the area.

Lava claims a house near Mount Troublesome

Lava claims a house close to the volcano during its historic eruption

Local economy

The volcano provides jobs in mining for the local town inhabitants during its dormant phases, which helps the area to generate an annual income of £355 billion to the area.

Even during eruptive phases, the volcanic bombs thrown out by the volcano are valuable to the locals, who can mine the valuables from the falling rocks in the area, which brings them an income of £29 billion into the area during the frequently occurring eruptions.

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